Gods Game

The Adventurer’s Club is gathered together at the classroom. It is a new semester, and things have been buzzing with activity around campus. That is, buzzing everywhere except the world of Adventure.

Things have been slow since the events of last semester. The drug trade seemed to go down a bit; ever since the incident at the nightclub, not another platinum-brick($2000) of Elfroot has been seen, no one has been eaten by Sanghuins, no more dungeons with questionable monster labor were formed, that blonde DJ was never seen again…frankly, it’s been hella dull.

Professor Baker has been honestly delighted. He’s been so happy with the fact he’s been able to just tell you all to go home, and run off to read literature or work on his putt or whatever else a middle aged Tiefling gets up to. Today, however, when you come into the room, he’s sitting at the front table tapping his fingers in annoyance as he reads his Fantasy Chaucer anthology.

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Gods Game

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